Cardano Staking Pool


Cardano staking pool for espresso lovers, by espresso lovers


Expert IT Team

Managed by a professional team of IT experts with decades of experience running a telecom operator 24/7/365.

Blockchain Stability

Our pool is commited to contributing to Cardano network stability and long term operation and development.

Low margin

We keep margins low to provide the best experience for our delegators. We take a very small fee, just to cover operational costs.


Espresso Enthusiasts & IT professionals

We are a team of devoted (haskell) programmers, SysAdmins and IT professionals with decades of experience with running critical (24/7) services, but most of all we are espresso enthusiasts. We absolutely love the smell of freshly ground and expertly brewed espresso in the morning.

However, we are also passionate about technological advancements and cryptocurrenies are definitely the future. We believe in Cardano, its strong and scientifically based development and the comunity's love for all people.

Please consider being a part of this future with us.


Feel free to contact us on social media:


Ticker: ESPR
Pool ID: 40372edc7c25cccce285415d778b5ee80dd55a33af7f5f93a963ce6b